About Kingland

Feature: investors, managers, and professionals working together as a team

We has integrated a multifunctional system into our day-to-day operation, allowing Kingland to catch up with market trend and satisfy customers’ needs. Investors, with their practical experience, help us manage our day-to-day operation, thus keeping Kingland energetic and sustainable.

Kingland – a brand of REAL ESTATE VALUE

For us, a building is not just a building. At Kingland, we turn buildings into cultural icons that accommodate human lives and personal traits harmoniously. We integrate the latest technologies, local culture, human nature, and health into an ORGANIC BUILDING highlighted by its eye-catching appearance, solid structure and impeccable safety. Our brand name stands for value and advancement, thus creating a win-win situation for the buyers, the society, and us.

A sustainable building stands behind a healthy life

At Kingland, we stress the importance of healthy life and thus integrate all resources and latest technologies into a sustainable living environment through our streamlined construction process. For example, we provide buyers with a human-based smart life through the latest Netcom technology and healthy food through biotech R&D, to name just a few. We will continue to upgrade buyers’ life quality in the days to come.